Combo: A deck that focuses on a synergy or two and uses

love island’s camilla thurlow and jamie jewitt put on a united front

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canada goose coats on sale Similar to tempo but have less early pressure.Combo: A deck that focuses on a synergy or two and uses combinations of draw, stall, and control to reach and execute their hyper efficient combo (ex:zomblob)Control: Focused entirely on using removal/stall to hit endgame and drop extremely potent high cost cardsRamp is almost always a brainy or solar deck. It has zombies tricks or environments that give extra brians/suns, like sunflower, solar winds, brain nebulla, brain vendor.Aggro decks have lots of cost 1 and 2 creatures with high damage or the anti hero ability. Because they have so many low cost creatures, they are bad turn 6 onwards when the opponent can start playing their high cost legendary creatures canada goose coats on sale.


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