If it was murder, then the cops sole intent would be to kill

7 points submitted 18 days agobuilding an app expecting a specific piece of hardware functionality when you know damn well that said piece of hardware functionality isn supported by your target platform is total brexit through and throughalso loved this part of the article, we taken back so much control haven we?The Home Office has also signed a 91m contract with French company Sopra Steria to set up computer terminals at 56 local libraries around the UK to help those without smartphones, or without the necessary digital skills, to apply to stay in the UK. Lucky we have libraries.DavollsPoppa 9 points submitted 23 days agoI consider myself ‘centrist’ so am continually frustrated by the flipping of the red and blue coin every four years. It’s not enough time to sort anything decent out and sometimes a problem takes expertise from the opposition to solve, which would be like asking a mortal enemy for a favour.

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